It's great for team building: we are a relatively new team. It helps us lay the foundation of future changes and design.


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Refer Your Colleagues To Machine Learning and Data Analytics using Python

Amplify your impact and save US$415

How to refer

Share personal referral code via email or personal link below

Your colleague signs up for a NUS SOC programme using your code

Start learning together. Receive US$415 off programme fees for each colleague that signs up with your code

Joining as a larger group, or prefer to pay together?

Email our group enrolments team


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why refer?

    We’ve heard that many learners have amplified the impact of their programme by taking it alongside friends and colleagues. By taking the same programme, colleagues can build a shared vocabulary and have direct conversations about how course material applies to their roles.

    Both you and your friend will receive a discount on your programme fees. You can refer as many friends as you would like. You will receive an extra US$415 off for every friend that joins and stays in the programme.

  • Who can refer?

    Anyone can refer friends to a programme. There are many reasons why our learners choose to refer their friends:

    Learners that have not yet taken a programme often refer colleagues to save money on programme fees, and to recruit a classmate with whom they can discuss concepts as they are learning.

    Learners that have completed programmes often refer their colleagues in order to share an impactful programme that they have recently completed or to simply spread the gift of knowledge.

    What if I’m not sure that I want to take the programme yet?

    We’ve seen many learners refer their friends to a programme before they have had a chance to take it. If you refer your friends and have not yet signed up for the programme, you will receive a credit that you can put towards this programme in the future.

    What if I already took a course - can I still refer?

    Just after completing a course is one of the most common moments when our learners refer their friends. If you successfully refer a friend after completing your programme, you will receive a credit that you can apply towards a future NUS SOC programme.

  • How to refer?

    • Select the programme to which you want to refer your colleague
    • Copy the generated URL or send an email to your colleague
    • Once they join and stay in a programme, you will receive a discount

    How will I receive my award?

    • For learners that have not signed up for a programme, once your colleague joins and stays in the programme, you will receive a credit that you can apply towards fees for the programme
    • For learners that are currently enrolled in a programme, a credit will automatically be refunded to you
    • For learners that have completed a programme, you will receive a credit applicable for future programmes